woisio world is yours


We are a team of dream chasers in disguise as engineers and business people that had their share of experience ranging from developing real time embedded network systems, helping leading global ISPs build their next generation networks to developing and marketing broadband, IPTV and OTT services.

This journey has taken us through innovation on each layer of OSI stack. It looks like the real fun is just about to start. Layer 7 and the huge jungle it has seeded and flourished: Online media.

Our Principle

We believe in innovation, fairness in everything we do and making impact.

What We Do

Our mission is to simply tame the online media jungle that has claimed many lives so far.

Why We Are Doing It

Don’t you find yourself staring at the screen trying to figure out where to go next on any big name online media platform?

We do and we consider ourselves pretty techie; having lived through the Internet revolution since the late nineties and today, being an early adopter for any new cool technology. And we can imagine what that experience is like for the rest of online users. It seems like there is always this invisible barrier on any platform that we can’t easily go beyond.

With all the innovation, progress we have seen over the past 10 years, online media is still a huge chaotic universe. We spend as many minutes searching for what to watch/listen/read as we spend actually enjoying it. This is quite frustrating and ultimately, we usually give up.

You see, there has not been a real effective solution despite hundreds of millions of dollars thrown at this problem because the quest, as it usually is, has been around technology.

All the analytics, recommendation engines, pattern recognition techniques and predictive models developed to put the next relevant content in front of us.

Oh, one more thing, we are also not a big fan of traditional mass media that manufactures stars, news and facts and shoves them in our brains through our eyes and ears.

We, at woisio, think that the real solution is embedded in the collective wisdom and power of people.

No analytics machine and no media oligarchy can beat that.