Community Guidelines

Woisio is a cool revolutionary way to consume any type of content online and the “New Kid on the Block”. We at Woisio are thinking 24/7 about ways to make this revolutionary platform’s experience as close to as possible to TV viewing experience.

This means millions of people consuming the same content for the FIRST TIME at the SAME TIME. This brings with it a tremendous risk of exposing millions to inappropriate content before one or two responsible community members are able to flag it and get in the way of poisoning millions that will come after them.

Therefore we have no tolerance, ABSOLUTELY NO TOLERANCE, on users acting in a way that is in conflict with our community guidelines outlined below. If you have any doubts about your comment or content, ANY DOUBTS AT ALL, we ask you not to write that comment or air that content before you get approval from the Woisio community through the tools we’ll introduce as we go down the line.

The simplest way to decide if your content or comment is appropriate, imagine this:

There are millions of people, including children; from all races, religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, all ages, different walks of life across the globe enjoying the content you have aired or the comment you have written. Kind of like the crowd in front of the TV watching the Super Bowl.

Now think if what you are about to air or write is appropriate for that crowd. Not asking you to consider if it is funny or entertaining for all (although it would be smart to do so ☺ ). Not asking you to consider if all of the people would like your content or not. We are simply asking you to consider if your content or comment would be borderline offensive or illegal for some members of the community.

Here are some guidelines we think would be beneficial for you on deciding if your content or comment is Woisio friendly:

We are sure that the above guidelines wouldn’t cover everything possible, but we are also sure that you’ll get the idea. Always think about the Super Bowl moment we wanted you to picture in your minds and act accordingly.

Please do follow the guidelines above while you are uploading content or writing your comments and everyone should be happy.

As we stated above due to our revolutionary TV like consumption approach we seriously do not have any tolerance at all on inappropriate content. We are sure Woisio community will keep the violators of these guidelines out of the system with effective use of reviewing and flagging systems; with active support from the Woisio Team working hand in hand with the community 24/7 who will penalize and even ban the violators (depending on the nature and severity of the offense, assigning a considerable weight on the intention) , but if all else fails (or the violation is of an unlawful or a serious nature) we will not hesitate for a second to get the law enforcement involved. Please do not test our commitment to keep the airwaves clean.


If you see any content or comment in violation of the aforementioned community guidelines please do flag it under the appropriate category so we can act fast and stop it before it can do some damage.

If you want to tell us stuff that is not addressed under the flagging system do not hesitate to send us an email at

Enough with the negative wibe :)

Don’t forget that you as the users have the absolute power in the Woisio community. You get to decide what, when and where a publisher can air with your voting power.


If you like what you see and think that it was aired on a relevant stage then up vote it. Reward the publishers for the good and relevant content so in return they can bid for and buy more and better timeslots in order to deliver that type of quality content more frequently.

If you don’t like what you see, or think that it was not related to the stage it was aired on, then make sure you down vote it. This is the only way the publisher would know that either the content was rubbish or he/she aired it on a wrong stage. This would teach the publishers to post better quality content and not to pollute the stages with irrelevant stuff.

If you do not use your powers as the members of the Woisio community, you can never experience the revolutionary premise of Woisio which is; the quality content that is enjoyable and relevant delivered flawlessly to you with limited interaction from you (other than writing comments and being social of course) 24/7. Constant stream of stuff (any stuff) that you want to enjoy right at that moment delivered to your screen without the hassle of searching, going through results, skipping, covering your kids eyes :) until you can quit or skip etc.